The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is a 24 hour full service law enforcement agency.  Although our deputies patrol our roadways around the clock our office staff are in from 8:30am until 4:00pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. 

The services listed below are offered to the citizens above and beyond normal law enforcement duties.  If you have any questions about the services offered please contact our office.


The process division is responsible for coordinating the timely service of a multitude of court-related documents.

Civil Process Service

Civil Process         $60.00
Subpoena             $20.00


Collision reports are provided only to the parties involved in the collision, and/or to the insurance companies acting on the parties behalf.  Collision reports are no longer considered "open records" and will not be released to third parties not related to the collision. 
In lieu of providing an offense report, victims will be given a theft/loss report, that will outline the specifics of the offense and list any and all property that was damaged or stolen, etc. 
There is a $2.00 charge for all copies.  Insurance companies  requesting a copy of reports must include a self-addressed stamped envelope and the $2.00 fee.

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office
1 Court Street Suite 4
Mount Sterling, Kentucky 40353


State law requires all vehicles purchased outside of Kentucky to be inspected for safety by the sheriff's office in the county they live. If you have purchased a vehicle out of state and live in Montgomery County please contact the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office to schedule an inspection for that vehicle.

$5.00 (if brought to the office)                       
$15.00 (if Deputy responds to your location)

All vehicles to be inspected must be of "roadworthy" condition.  Per KRS 189, it is required that every motor vehicle, when in use on a highway, be in running condition and to be equipped with the following:

1. Front lights and Flashing lights           
2. Brakes and brake lights                      
3. Horns and other sound devices           
4. Steering device that is in good working
5. Seat belts                                            
6. Mirrors                                                    
7. Good functioning muffler(s)